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"Nebel" is poetic realism of the finest kind. The film weaves a tapestry of fleeting encounters in the fog, above the clouds, in the smoke, in the haze of life."
DOK.fest Munich (DE), 05/2014

"A visual poem about the inability to communicate in our modern times."
Giornale del Popolo (CH), 05/2014

"In her experimental film, Vögele allows written poetry to communicate with cinematic poetry. [...] The infinite openness that Rilke believes to discover in the face of the animal is reflected back in Vögele's lens. Fog here is not that which obscures the view, but precisely that which opens it to the maximum, the camera an animalistic creature that makes us believe in the future of life." (DE), 02/2014

"Image, sound & idea interweave into an artful whole, becoming a creative torture chamber and rewarding those who persevere with an entertaining, surprising and visually powerful family breakdown of the fog."
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (DE), 02/2014

"The jury was delighted by the poetic power of the images and the extraordinary sensory experience."
64th Berlin International Film Festival (DE), 02/2014

"Fleeting encounters with people and their very own rhythms and longings - an astronomer who would welcome the existence of extraterrestrial life, an amateur radio operator and his encoded world of codes. Their tracks constantly write themselves into the diffuse white and converge into an essayistic, wonderfully open attempt about the ambiguous. A poetic search for the intangible. A passionately diffuse look into the open."
Diagonale (AT) 03/2015

"Fog, repetition, isolation [...] With "Nebel" the Swiss director continues her own study of man's inability to communicate and his desires for connection in hostile and wild environments."
Indie-eye (IT), 12/2014

"Nebel" thus becomes an intense meditation on the relationship between the visible and the invisible."
L'emerge del possiblible (IT), 03/2015

"A great visual-acoustic experiment is the documentary "nebel" by Nicole Vögele. It is about people, and their search in the fog of life. A courageous film, because it is so unconventional."
Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten (DE), 05/2014

"Nebel", far from explicability, approaches a void that cannot be grasped."
rbb online (DE), 05/2014

"Nebel links images that you could watch for hours. Seeing and not seeing in a brave film. [...] Always lurking in the background is that which is invisible to the human eye, which drives us and makes us despair in equal measure. An impressive visual experience including philosophical introspection."
International Student Film Festival Sehsüchte (DE), 05/2014